Hello and welcome!


I'm Stacie Foerster, and I'm the lone lady behind Forest City Stained Glass. I wear all the hats -- from ordering supplies to packing the orders, and everything in between. I'm also the second in my family to have a passion for the craft -- the first was my Grandpa Jack, who made beautiful lamps and suncatchers for family and friends for many years, but passed away long before I could make glass with him.

Instead, I inherited one of his suncatchers that traveled with me whenever I moved. Twenty years later, I found myself in Ontario, scrolling Instagram when I  saw the suncatcher I had inherited. Not realizing my grandpa worked from previously published glass patterns, I thought he was famous (he wasn't), and this strange intervention piqued my curiosity about the craft enough that it led me to pursue glass in earnest.

All this to say, I'm ever so grateful for that "nudge" because I am doing something I love every day, and each piece I make is the closest thing I'll get to a collaboration with him.

* * *

A fun fact - I'm on social media almost everyday and I haven't seen a replica of that suncatcher since. 

Yet another fun fact - When I started glass, my dad gave me all of my grandpa's leftover supplies including a toolbox. One day I was rifling through old papers and came across a glass receipt from a Sunrise Stained Glass, somewhere in Florida from the 1980s.  Where do I buy my glass here in London, Ontario?

Sunrise Stained Glass.