Do you offer workshops?

Yes! Please see my Workshops page. 

How do I hang my new piece?

A screw hook or nail is always my first choice, and while I haven't used 3M adhesive hooks, I've heard they're good and hold well (good for renters if you don't want to put holes in the trim or wall). I know suction cups are a fan-favorite for many, but they're not reliable for the weight of stained glass, and I think they're unsightly!  :)

How do I care for my new piece?

Your piece has been thoroughly prepped and polished, so you don't need to do much. If you need to clean, dampen a cloth with a pH neutral soap and warm water. Don't use chemicals, as they may remove the wax protection!

Over time, the metal may oxidize (you may see some white build-up) and that's normal. A little car wax should do the trick; scrub on the oxidized solder lines and buff until shiny again. 

Do you make custom pieces?

I am happy to make mostly anything I have previously made, in your choice of colors. Contact me to get something started!

Do you offer wholesale?

Sorry, I am no longer offering wholesale.

Is there lead in stained glass?

Yes, but unless you inhale dust or ingest it, lead won't harm you. As a precaution, do not let children handle the piece (since they're prone to sticking their hands in their mouths), and wash your hands before eating.